Tobias Anstett

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—Cloud computing represents a promising computing paradigm, where computational power is provided similar to utilities like water, electricity or gas. While most of the Cloud providers can guarantee some measurable non-functional performance metrics e.g., service availability or throughput, there is lack of adequate mechanisms for guaranteeing certifiable(More)
— Process views are an emerging concept for coping with the increasing complexity of process models. We understand a process view as the result of specific transformations applied to a process model. In this paper we discuss concrete scenarios of process view transformations for providing assistance in business process management. We show how elementary(More)
Outsourcing parts of a company's processes becomes more and more important in a globalized, distributed economy. While architectural styles and technologies such as service-oriented architecture and Web services facilitate the distribution of business process over several departments, enterprises and countries, these business processes still need to comply(More)
Compliance requirements coming from laws, regulations and internal policies constrain how a company may carry out its business. A company must take various different actions for preventing compliance violations and for detecting them. Business processes have to be changed accordingly in order to adhere to these requirements. Manual controls need to be(More)
Business regulations on enterprise applications cover both infrastructure and orchestration levels of the SOA environment. Thus, for a correct and efficient enforcement of such requirements, full integration among different enforcement middleware is necessary. Based on previous work [1], we make a comparison between enforcement capabilities at business and(More)
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