Tobias Alécio Mattei

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846 Letters by the tumor mass, such as anterior pituitary dysfunc-tions, visual field alterations, cephalalgia and ophthalmo-plegia 1-4 , the last two present in this patient. The association of ophthalmoplegia and cephalalgia is described as a sign of probable metastasis 5. Pituitary metastases are rare, but should be included in the differential diagnosis(More)
OBJECTIVE Bertolotti's syndrome is a spine disorder characterized by the occurrence of a congenital lumbar transverse mega-apophysis in a transitional vertebral body that usually articulates with the sacrum or the iliac bone. It has been considered a possible cause of low back pain. METHOD We analyzed the cases of Bertolotti's syndrome that failed(More)
High-grade gliomas are relatively frequent in adults, and consist of the most malignant kind of primary brain tumor. Being resistant to standard treatment modalities such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, it is fatal within 1 to 2 years of onset of symptoms. Although several gene therapy systems proved to be efficient in controlling or eradicating(More)
Bleeding from brainstem cavernomas may cause severe deficits due to the absence of non-eloquent nervous tissue and the presence of several ascending and descending white matter tracts and nerve nuclei. Surgical removal of these lesions presents a challenge to the most surgeons. The authors present their experience with the surgical treatment of 43 patients(More)
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