Tobias Åström

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Geovisual analytics focuses on finding location-related patterns and relationship. Many approaches exist but generally do not scale well with large spatial datasets. We propose three enhancements that facilitate scalable geovisual analytics of voluminous geospatial data based on geographic mapping coordinated and linked with parallel coordinates (PC): 1)(More)
We introduce a framework and class library (GAV Flash) implemented in Adobe’s ActionScript, designed with the intention to significantly shorten the time and effort needed to develop customized web-enabled applications for visual analytics or geovisual analytics tasks. Through an atomic layered component architecture, GAV Flash provides a collection of(More)
An emerging and challenging Geovisual Analytics application domain is visualization of hierarchical regional (sub-national) statistics. The OECD regional database is a potential treasure chest for policy-makers, researchers and citizens to gain a better understanding of a region’s structure and performance and to carry out analysis of territorial(More)
In this paper we present novel means to communicate and present gained knowledge using semi-guided interactive visualizations embedded in standard HTML documents. The goal of the work is to let the analyst (author) explore data and simultaneously save important discoveries and thus enable collaboration and sharing of gained insights over the Internet. The(More)
Cellular radio networks are continually growing in both node count and complexity. It therefore becomes more and more difficult to manage the networks and necessary to use time and cost effective automatic computer algorithms to organize the network’s neighbor cell relations. Ericsson has developed such an algorithm, called Automatic Neighbor Relations(More)
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