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In this article we present a thorough performance analysis of an actual implementation of a distributed conferencing framework compliant with the IP multimedia core network subsystem specification. The subject of our experimental campaign has been an architecture implemented by exploiting existing achievements in the field of conferencing. The work(More)
This paper deals with the design and implementation of Janus, a general purpose, open source WebRTC gateway. Details will be provided on the architectural choices we took for Janus, as well as on the APIs we made available to extend and make use of it. Examples of how the gateway can be used for complex WebRTC applications are presented, together with some(More)
Herein, we introduce Meetecho 1 , an architecture capable to provide multimedia conferencing functionality in a standard way. This architecture is an actual implementation of both the framework and the protocols defined within the IETF by the XCON Working Group, and already revealed itself as a useful testbed supporting the ongoing standardization(More)
This paper deals with the challenge of session recording, with special reference to multimedia conferences, both centralized and distributed. Standardization efforts related to both multimedia conferenc-ing and session recording are presented in the paper, and taken into account in our proposal. In the approach we herein present, each involved medium is(More)
This paper takes an in-depth look at the performance of the Janus WebRTC gateway. Janus is a modular, open-source gateway allowing WebRTC clients to seamlessly interact with legacy real-time communication technologies, both standard and proprietary, and with each other. This is achieved by attaching technology-specific plugins on top of a barebones core(More)