Toan Pham

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The quadratic relationship between voltage and energy has madedynamic voltage scaling (DVS) one of the most powerful techniquesto reduce system power demands. Recently, techniques such as RazorDVS, voltage overscaling, and Intelligent Energy Management haveemerged as approaches to further reduce voltage by eliminatingcostly voltage margins inserted into(More)
Herein we describe our laboratories' experimental methods for interrogating cardiac energetics at the organ (whole heart), tissue (trabecula) and perforated fibre (mitochondrial) levels. In whole heart and trabecula experiments, we focus on measuring pressure-volume (force-length) work and oxygen consumption (heat production) from which mechanical(More)
As ~80% of diabetic patients die from heart failure, an understanding of diabetic cardiomyopathy is crucial. Mitochondria occupy 35-40% of the mammalian cardiomyocyte volume and supply 95% of the heart's ATP, and diabetic heart mitochondria show impaired structure, arrangement, and function. We predict that bioenergetic inefficiencies are present in(More)
Heart failure is a common cause of death with hyperthermia, and the exact cause of hyperthermic heart failure appears elusive. We hypothesize that the energy supply (ATP) of the heart may become impaired due to increased inner-mitochondrial membrane permeability and inefficient oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS). Therefore, we assessed isolated working(More)
We examine the ex-dividend day behaviour in a unique setting where (1) there are neither taxes on dividends nor on capital gains, (2) stock prices have been decimalized, (3) dividends are distributed annually, and (4) we have data that enable us to examine bid-ask bounce effects. In this economy, any price decline that is smaller than the dividends can not(More)
Introduction. We aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) and super-selective mesenteric artery embolization (SMAE) in managing lower GI bleeding (LGIB). Method. A retrospective case series of patients with LGIB treated with SMAE in our health service. Patients with confirmed active LGIB, on either radionuclide(More)
We have developed a new `work-loop calorimeter' that is capable of measuring, simultaneously, the work-done and heat production of isolated cardiac muscle samples at body temperature. Through the innovative use of thermoelectric modules as temperature sensors, the development of a low-noise fluid-flow system, and implementation of precise temperature(More)
Introduction. Concomitant cholecystitis and gallstone pancreatitis is an infrequent clinical encounter, reported sparsely in the literature. Concurrent acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis complicated by gall bladder perforation has not been reported before. Presentation of Case. We report a 39-year-old female presenting with concomitant cholecystitis and(More)