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In this paper, we present a novel scheme that allows multiple data publishers that continuously generate new data and periodically update existing data, to share sensitive individual records with multiple data subscribers while protecting the privacy of their clients. An example of such sharing is that of health care providers sharing patients’ records with(More)
Patients often willingly share their health data in a controlled manner for the purposes of research. The disclosure of such data in response to requests from researchers must conform to various policies imposed by the patient, the rights of the data requester, and organizational and governmental regulations. This work investigates the applicability of(More)
INTRODUCTION Existing record linkage methods do not handle missing linking field values in an efficient and effective manner. The objective of this study is to investigate three novel methods for improving the accuracy and efficiency of record linkage when record linkage fields have missing values. METHODS By extending the Fellegi-Sunter scoring(More)
OBJECTIVE Harmonized data quality (DQ) assessment terms, methods, and reporting practices can establish a common understanding of the strengths and limitations of electronic health record (EHR) data for operational analytics, quality improvement, and research. Existing published DQ terms were harmonized to a comprehensive unified terminology with(More)
As part of increased efforts to provide precision medicine to patients, large clinical research networks (CRNs) are building regional and national collections of electronic health records (EHRs) and patientreported outcomes (PROs). To protect patient privacy, each data contributor to the CRN (for example, a health-care provider) uses anonymizing and(More)
Fast Health Interoperability Services (FHIR) is the most recent in the line of standards for healthcare resources. FHIR represents different types of medical artifacts as resources and also provides recommendations for their authorized disclosure using web-based protocols including O-Auth and OpenId Connect and also defines security labels. In most cases,(More)