Tlekkabul S Ramazanov

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Spectral line shapes of neutral helium 3889 Å (2 3 S–3 3 P) transition line are calculated by using several theoretical methods. The electronic contribution to the line broadening is calculated from quantum statistical many-particle theory by using thermodynamic Green's function, including dynamic screening of the electron-atom interaction. The ionic(More)
The influence of an external homogeneous magnetic field on the quasilocalization of the particles-characterized quantitatively by cage correlation functions-in strongly coupled three-dimensional Yukawa systems is investigated via molecular dynamics computer simulations over a wide domain of the system parameters (coupling and screening strengths, and(More)
We investigate the effect of an external magnetic field on the velocity autocorrelation function and the "caging" of the particles in a two-dimensional strongly coupled Yukawa liquid, via numerical simulations. The influence of the coupling strength on the position of the dominant peak in the frequency spectrum of the velocity autocorrelation function(More)
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