Tiziano Dainese

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X-ray crystallography has been fundamental in discovering fine structural features of ultrasmall gold clusters capped by thiolated ligands. For still unknown structures, however, new tools capable of providing relevant structural information are sought. We prepared a 25-gold atom nanocluster protected by the smallest ligand ever used, ethanethiol. This(More)
The monolayer protecting small gold nanoparticles (monolayer-protected clusters, MPCs) is generally represented as the 3D equivalent of 2D self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on extended gold surfaces. However, despite the growing relevance of MPCs in important applied areas, such as catalysis and nanomedicine, our knowledge of the structure of 3D SAMs in(More)
Thiolate-protected metal clusters are materials of ever-growing importance in fundamental and applied research. Knowledge of their single-crystal X-ray structures has been instrumental to enable advanced molecular understanding of their intriguing properties. So far, however, a general, reliable, chemically clean approach to prepare single crystals suitable(More)
The field of molecular metal clusters protected by organothiolates is experiencing a very rapid growth. So far, however, a clear understanding of the fine interactions between the cluster core and the capping monolayer has remained elusive, despite the importance of the latter in interfacing the former to the surrounding medium. Here, we describe a very(More)
In this work, we report on the optical properties and amplified spontaneous emissions (ASE) of polystyrene opals engineered with planar structural defects containing a conjugated polymer emitter. Defects in opals give rise to allowed states inside the photonic stop band, which are probed by transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy. The emission spectrum(More)
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