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BACKGROUND Early diagnosis of complications after abdominal surgery is crucial to improve outcomes. This study aimed to evaluate the use of the peritoneal-serum lactate ratio and of peritoneal lactate levels applied alone for predicting the need for reintervention after abdominal surgery. METHODS This prospective observational study included 88 patients(More)
Ischaemic colitis has many and different clinical features as it is often linked to the severity of ischaemic injury. In this paper two patients with clinical features of Crohn's disease are reported. In both patients the diagnosis has been confirmed with endoscopy and biopsy. They have been treated with specific therapy until they developed bowel(More)
Mucormycosis is a life threatening condition caused by invasion of fungi of the order Mucorales. Gastrointestinal invasion is very rare and often lethal, particularly in disseminated mucormycosis. We present the case of a 26-year-old woman from North Africa with type 2 diabetes who, after a cholecystectomy, developed unexplained septic shock and(More)
During the period 1976-1987, 295,718 patients affected by vascular diseases have been admitted into all the public and private hospitals of Piemonte (Italy): 172,483 patients were affected by arteriopathies. 95,231 (55.2%) have been admitted because of cerebrovascular diseases: 73,511 (42.6%) were affected by diffuse form (T), 18,258 (26.5%) by TIA and(More)
INTRODUCTION Myotonic dystrophy of Steinert, DM1, is the most common adult muscular dystrophy and generally is not associated to development on multiple site neoplasm. Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease is a dominantly inherited familial cancer syndrome that is associated to tumors such as hemangioblastoma of the retina or central nervous system, clear-cell(More)
Patients with advanced and incurable colorectal cancer have a very poor prognosis. Curative-intent resection was performed in 70%-90% of cases in reported series of colorectal cancer, sometimes after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The remaining 10%-30% of patients are treated with palliative intent, where treatment is aimed at relieving(More)
PURPOSE Assess the feasibility, safety and efficacy of TACE with irinotecan loaded micro particles (debiri) for the treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer patients. RESULTS We assessed the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS). The tool is designed to assess nine common symptoms in cancer patients: pain, tiredness, nausea, depression, anxiety,(More)
The use of external fixation for the initial treatment of unstable, complex pelvic injuries with hemodynamic instability remains an effective treatment for multiply injured patients. Bowel entrapment within a pelvic fracture is a rarely reported, potentially fatal complication. Here, we report a polytrauma patient with pelvic fractures who developed an(More)
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