Tiziana Parisi

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Somatic activation of Ras occurs frequently in human cancers, including one-third of lung cancers. Activating Ras mutations also occur in the germline, leading to complex developmental syndromes. The precise mechanism by which Ras activation results in human disease is uncertain. Here we describe the phenotype of a mouse engineered to harbor a germline(More)
The tumor suppressor function of the retinoblastoma protein pRB is largely dependent upon its capacity to inhibit the E2F transcription factors and thereby cell proliferation. Attempts to study the interplay between pRB and the E2Fs have been hampered by the prenatal death of Rb; E2f nullizygous mice. In this study, we isolated Rb; E2f3 mutant embryonic(More)
Earlier studies have shown that active MEK blocks the activation of protein kinase R (PKR), a component of antiviral innate immune responses. In this report we show that the herpes simplex virus 1 virion host shutoff (VHS) RNase protein and MEK (mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase) act cooperatively in blocking the activation of PKR. This conclusion is(More)
The retinoblastoma protein pRB suppresses tumorigenesis largely through regulation of the E2F transcription factors. E2F4, the most abundant E2F protein, is thought to act in cooperation with pRB to restrain cell proliferation. In this study, we analyse how loss of E2f4 affects the tumorigenicity of pRB-deficient tissues. As Rb−/−;E2f4−/− germline mice die(More)
The retinoblastoma gene (Rb) is mutated at significant frequency in various human epithelial tumors, including colorectal cancer, and is strongly associated with metastatic disease. However, sole inactivation of Rb in the mouse has so far failed to yield epithelial cancers. Here, we specifically inactivate Rb and/or p53 in the urogenital epithelium and the(More)
We have developed a supramolecular nanoassembly capable of inducing remarkable levels of cancer cell mortality through a bimodal action based on the simultaneous photogeneration of nitric oxide (NO) and singlet oxygen ((1)O(2)). This was achieved through the appropriate incorporation of an anionic porphyrin (as (1)O(2) photosensitizer) and of a tailored NO(More)
Herein we report the design, preparation, and properties of a supramolecular system based on a tailored nitric oxide (NO) photodonor and a rhodamine-labeled β-cyclodextrin conjugate. The combination of spectroscopic and photochemical experiments shows the absence of significant interchromophoric interactions between the host and the guest in the excited(More)
Ove r l app ing synthe t ic pept ides co r r e spond ing to the ent ire gag, c O R F , su r f ace and t r a n s m e m b r a n e env p ro te ins o f H E R V K were u s e d to p e r f o r m an E L I S A b a s e d ep i tope m a p p i n g wi th h u m a n sera. On ly 3% o f the sera f rom n o r m a l donor s r eac ted wi th se lec ted i m m u n o d o m i n a n t(More)
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