Tiziana Caciari

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Studies on animals and human subjects have proposed that urban pollutants may cause alterations of cortisol levels. The aim of this study is to evaluate whether police officers exposed to urban pollutants and possible psycho-social stressors could be at risk for alterations on plasma cortisol levels compared to a control group. Plasma cortisol levels were(More)
The aim of the study is to evaluate if the occupational exposure to urban pollutants could cause alterations on 17-alfa-hydroxy-progesterone plasma levels and related diseases in male traffic policemen. 17-α α α α α-OH-P is synthesized in Leydig cells and in adrenals; it influences spermiogenesis, matched with controls by age, working life and drinking(More)
The technological and industrial progress together with the intensification of vehicular traffic and the adoption of new social habits are the cause of an increasing noise pollution with possible negative effects on the auditory system. This study aims to assess the noise exposure levels and the effects on the hearing threshold in outdoor and indoor male(More)
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