Tiziana C. Callari

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An assessment of HIV/AIDS patients' involvement in antiretroviral treatment decisions with their health care providers was undertaken. Four focus group interviews were conducted with HIV-positive individuals (N = 39) who were receiving antiretroviral medications at the time of the study. Participants ranged in age from 33 to 54 years, 69% were male, with(More)
This paper presents a novel Human Machine Interaction (HMI) design/evaluation methodology, supporting the specification and evaluation of a new adaptive automation concept, both from a functional and an operational/safety perspective. This methodology has been advanced as part of the work requirements for the Applying Pilot Models for Safety Aircraft(More)
This paper presents a method to work analysis able to leverage organizational change by the elicitation of a multi-prospective object, a <i>common cognitive referent</i>, shared by all the actors and functions operating in the work system. The focus of the action moves from the acquisition of reflexivity by a single operator, or within the same group of(More)
As a supervisor of a highly automated technical system, a human operator is the “ultima ratio” in abnormal situations that cannot be handled by the automation. Therefore, a human operator must adequately monitor the automated system throughout the entire operation. Unfortunately, humans tend to fall prey to a couple of demons leading to inadequate(More)
As the world population is ageing, studies on the socio-economic and health consequences are proliferating. Little has been done on the effectiveness and impact elderly may benefit from the use of technology in their everyday life. The pilot study, implemented within a funded project aimed at identifying sustainable actions to promote Seniors' quality of(More)
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