Tiziana Bond

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A highly sensitive substrate for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is formed by arrays of gold-coated metallic carbon nanotubes having a nanoinsert of high-k dielectric (hafnia) as an energy coupling barrier. Repeated femtomolar detection of 1,2 bis-(4-pyridyl)-ethylene in solution demonstrates the critical contribution of this plasmonic energy(More)
Surface adsorption plays a critical role in a wide variety of fields from surface catalysis to molecular separation. Despite the importance, limited access to simultaneously sensitive and selective detection mechanisms has hampered the acquisition of comprehensive and versatile experimental data needed to understand the complex aspects of mixture(More)
We present a discussion of the science drivers and design approach for a high-resolution, mid-infrared spectrograph for the Thirty-Meter Telescope. The instrument will be integrated with an adaptive optics system optimized for the midinfrared; as a consequence it is not significantly larger or more complex than similar instruments designed for use on(More)
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