Tiziana Boffa Ballaran

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The diamond anvil cell (DAC) technique coupled with laser heating is a major method for studying materials statically at multimegabar pressures and at high temperatures. Recent progress in experimental techniques, especially in high-pressure single crystal X-ray diffraction, requires portable laser heating systems which are able to heat and move the DAC(More)
Local atomic disorder and crystallinity are structural properties that influence greatly the resulting chemical and mechanical properties of inorganic solids, and are used as indicators for different pathways of material formation. Here, these structural properties are assessed in the crystals of quartz based on particle-size-related scattering processes in(More)
The physical and chemical properties of Earth's mantle, as well as its dynamics and evolution, heavily depend on the phase composition of the region. On the basis of experiments in laser-heated diamond anvil cells, we demonstrate that Fe,Al-bearing bridgmanite (magnesium silicate perovskite) is stable to pressures over 120 GPa and temperatures above 3000 K.(More)
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