Tiziana Bianchi

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The lowest expected protection (LEP) at a 95% confidence of 245 foot and mouth disease (FMD) commercial vaccines was calculated from the titres of liquid-phase blocking sandwich ELISA (lpELISA) of cattle sera obtained from 3920 animals at 60 days post-vaccination (d.p.v.) and challenged with live virus at 90 d.p.v. It was found that LEP evaluation is highly(More)
Right ventricular failure after left ventricular assist device placement is the major concern on weaning from cardiopulmonary bypass and it is one of the most serious complications in the postoperative period. This complication has a poor prognosis and is generally unpredictable. The identification of pre-operative risk factor for this serious complication(More)
The development of a liquid-phase blocking sandwich ELISA (LPBE) to measure antibodies (Ab) produced in cattle with the O, A and C foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) types of commercial vaccines used in Argentina is described. The test was specific: 99% of naïve cattle sera (n = 130) gave titres below log10 = 1.2, and none had a titre above log10 = 1.5.(More)
Histopathologic interpretation of hematoxylin and eosin (H&E)-stained endoscopic biopsies is a common method for identifying Helicobacter pylori. Few studies report the accuracy of this method, and none have compared costs of other diagnostic methods. In the clinical setting of a community hospital using standard diagnostic techniques, the purpose of this(More)
Purpose:Monoallelic germ-line deleterious mutations of PALB2 (partner and localizer of BRCA2) are associated with breast cancer risk and have been found in several populations, with carrier frequencies of ~1−2%. Initially, these mutations were considered to have moderate penetrance, but accumulating evidence now indicates that they are associated with much(More)
Elastase, a serine proteinase released by activated human neutrophils, can degrade a wide variety of biomacromolecules including elastin, and is considered a marker of inflammatory diseases. As the logical strategy to protect tissue is to inhibit excessive elastase activity, experimental and clinical researches have concentrated on trying to find efficient(More)
BACKGROUND Molecules bearing a sulphide (HS) group, such as glutathione, play a fundamental role in the defensive system of human airways, as shown by the fact that the lining fluid covering the epithelia of the respiratory tract contains very high concentrations of glutathione: the lungs and nose, respectively, contain about 140 and 40 times the(More)
OBJECTIVES Oxidative stress is increasingly recognised as a pivotal factor that plays a number of roles in the inflammatory response to environmental signals. It has been claimed that Aesculus hippocastanum extracts have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, but these claims are mainly based on the results of chemical reactions and folk-medicine. (More)