Tiyun Huang

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We give an approach on the detection and restraint of agent ability declaration deception in multi-agent system, and give a measure to detect and restrain the agent slandering and agent associated-cheat; we also give a method to recognize the agent impostor deception. Simulation test shows this method can fully detect the following impostor deception(More)
The effective transfer of software requirement knowledge is one of the key factors of decreasing the requirements volatility, solving conflicts between requirements, ensuring the quality of software project and customer satisfaction. From the point of knowledge management, this paper first classifies the software project requirement knowledge into 4(More)
Agent Negotiation based on persuasion can improve negotiation efficiency in dynamic environment and guarantee its effect. Word-Of-Mouth and its dissemination can strengthen the effect of persuasion. The concept of influence of dissemination of Word-Of-Mouth and the persuasion model of agent based on it is illustrated. Corresponding Mechanism including(More)
In a society of information economy, building effective dynamic alliance means a lot for businesses to improve their competitiveness. Applying information technology, especially multi-agent technology in the process of construction of dynamic business alliance can effectively share and coordinated utilization of business resources. This paper first(More)
This paper researches the problem of price negotiation in SRM considering relation quality. The relation between supplier and buyer can be divided into strategic, cooperative, preceding and normal, deferent relation quality lead to different SRM strategy and then come into different process of price negotiation. First, this paper establishes a negotiation(More)
The project of developing software is a comprehensive multiple objective system. In view of the characteristic of software project development process, this article uses the three basic factors-cost, schedule and quality of the software project development as the multi-attribute variable, establishes an integrated optimization model of software project(More)
For automated negotiation scenario's characteristics on supplier Relationship Management, according to the scenes' information of the negotiating parties, such as the negotiating goals, the extent of the relationship, the concept of the goal relationship (G-R) factors was put forward, and a calculating method of the first proposal in negotiations was built(More)