Tivadar Szemethy

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—The Internet's universality is based on its decentralization and diversity. However, its distributed nature leads to operational brittleness and difficulty in identifying the root causes of performance and availability issues, especially when the involved systems span multiple administrative domains. The first step to address this fragmentation is(More)
In this paper we argue for UML-based metamodeling and pattern-based graph transformation techniques in computer-based systems development through an illustrative example from the domain of embedded systems. We present a tool that uses advanced graph-rewriting techniques to generate a schedule that satisfies hard real-time constraints for multi-modal(More)
–Recently, a number of approaches based on dynamic power management techniques have been proposed to reduce the energy consumption of telecommunication networks and devices. They are able to optimize the tradeoff between network performance and energy requirements. It is possible to execute and extend these techniques to the whole network, by using local(More)
In this study, we introduce a model transformation tool for a time-triggered language: Giotto. The tool uses graphs to represent the source code (Giotto) and the target (the schedule-carrying code) of the transformation, and has been implemented entirely using graph rewriting techniques. The meta-models of the input and the output were specified using(More)
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