Tivadar Farkas

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Structural multiplicity has a significant effect on the solution of an MINLP model for process synthesis problems. The optimization model may also have built-in redundancy that cannot always be directly derived from the multiplicity of the superstructure. A basic GDP representation (BGR) involving logical relations is defined, and can be constructed by(More)
The essential problems, namely representativeness and uniqueness, in defining mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP) representation (MR) is solved in Part I by first defining a basic MR (BMR) that: (1) can be automatically constructed from an easier formable standard GDP representation and (2) serves as a reference representation. Binary and(More)
There is considerable interest in developing dopamine transporter (DAT) inhibitors as potential therapies for the treatment of cocaine abuse. We report herein our pharmacophore-based discovery and molecular modeling-assisted rational design of 2,3-disubstituted quinuclidines as potent DAT inhibitors with a novel chemical scaffold. Through 3-D-database(More)
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