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Glucose absorption via the sodium glucose-linked transporter (SGLT)-1, decreases the glucose concentration in the ruminant forestomach and may ameliorate or prevent ruminal lactic acidosis. Because acidotic ruminants show increased sympathetic activity, the possibility of adrenergic modulation of SGLT-1 was investigated. Glucose uptake into ovine ruminal(More)
A higher expression of the sodium glucose-linked transporter, SGLT-1, has been previously demonstrated in the intestine of adult fallow deer compared to sheep. The functional presence of SGLT-1 in the rumen of both species was investigated in the present study. Isolated ruminal epithelia were incubated in Ussing chambers. D-Glucose or 3-O-methyl-α-D-glucose(More)
The pre-gastric rumen of sheep plays a crucial role in the fermentation of nutrients and in the absorption of nutrients and minerals. Adrenaline has been shown previously to increase ruminal absorption of glucose and water. The present study was intended to elucidate whether ruminal ion transport is also altered by adrenaline. In Ussing chambers, changes of(More)
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