Tito Lívio Moitinho Alves

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In this work, the lipase from Pyrococcus furiosus encoded by ORF PF2001 was expressed with a fusion protein (thioredoxin) in Escherichia coli. The purified enzymes with the thioredoxin tag (TRX-PF2001Δ60) and without the thioredoxin tag (PF2001Δ60) were characterized, and various influences of Triton X-100 were determined. The optimal temperature for both(More)
The enzyme 2'-aminobiphenyl-2,3-diol-1,2-dioxygenase (CarB), encoded by two genes (carBa and carBb), is an alpha(2)beta(2) heterotetramer that presents meta-cleavage activity toward the hydroxylated aromatic ring in the carbazole degradation pathway from petroleum-degrader bacteria Pseudomonas spp. The 1,082-base pair polymerase chain reaction product(More)
Carbazole 1,9a-dioxygenase (CarA), the first enzyme in the carbazole degradation pathway used by Pseudomonas sp., was expressed in E. coli under different conditions defined by experimental design. This enzyme depends on the coexistence of three components containing [2Fe-2S] clusters: CarAa, CarAc, and CarAd. The catalytic site is present in CarAa. The(More)
The proper determination of experimental errors in bioprocesses can be very important because experimental errors can exert a major impact on the analysis of experimental results. Despite this, the effect of experimental errors on the analysis of bioprocess data has been largely overlooked in the literature. For this reason, we performed detailed(More)
BACKGROUND Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae) causes several serious diseases including pneumonia, septicemia and meningitis. The World Health Organization estimates that streptococcal pneumonia is the cause of approximately 1.9 million deaths of children under five years of age each year. The large number of serotypes underlying the disease spectrum,(More)
The interfacial properties of bovine testicular hyaluronidase were investigated by demonstrating the association of hyaluronidase activity with membranes prepared from bovine testis. Protein adsorption to the air/water interface was investigated using surface pressure-area isotherms. In whichever way the interfacial films were obtained (protein injection or(More)
Separation and cells concentration constitute important stages in most biotechnological processes. Particularly, use of flocculation/sedimentation can improve significantly the extraction of biopolymers accumulated by microorganisms and the biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds by cell sludge. In this work the use of tannin and aluminum sulphate(More)
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The last step of the production of four phthalimide-derived acids, designed to act as antiasthma drugs, was performed by enzymatic hydrolysis of the respective methyl or ethyl esters. The esters 4-ethyl-[2-(1,3-dioxo-1,3-dihydro- 2-isoindoylyl)]-phenoxyacetic methyl ester (PHT-MET), 4-ethyl-[2- (1,3-dioxo-1,3-dihydro-2-isoindoylyl)]-phenoxyacetic ethyl(More)
Fertilizers contain essential nutrients for agricultural growth and development. However, most nitrogen fertilizers are substances with high solubility of ions and are very susceptible to leaching and volatilization. To minimize these losses, an alternative is the creation of a physical barrier around granules. One way is to coat granules with polymers. In(More)