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Sex-selective abortions in India.
Provisional estimates from the 2001 census of India, which showed unusually high sex ratios for young children, have sparked renewed concern about the growing use of sex-selective abortions toExpand
Son Preference, the Family-building Process and Child Mortality in India
India is a country with a pervasive preference for sons and one of the highest levels of excess child mortality for girls in the world (child mortality for girls exceeds child mortality for boys byExpand
Sex Differentials in Childhood Feeding, Health Care, and Nutritional Status in India
Strong preference for sons in South Asia is well documented, but evidence on female disadvantage in childhood feeding, health care, and nutritional status is inconclusive. This article examines sexExpand
The Economic History of India
An electric arc furnace has a side wall lining with at least one portion bombarded by the arc flare from one of the furnace arcing electrodes. A magnet is positioned on the outside of this portionExpand
Factors affecting sex-selective abortion in India and 17 major states
This report examines the effects of demographic and socioeconomic factors on the prevalence of sex-selective abortion in India and 17 major states. Because reliable statistics on sex-selectiveExpand
Economic History and Modern India: Redefining the Link
This paper argues that to restore the link between economic history and modern India, a different narrative of Indian economic history is needed. An exclusive focus on colonialism as the driver ofExpand
Economic History of India, 1857-1947
This book presents a comprehensive account of the structural changes in India's economy initiated by colonial rule and globalization. It provides an understanding of the country's political andExpand
Does Exclusivity Always Pay Off? Exclusive Price Promotions and Consumer Response.
Abstract Although customized price promotions are increasingly common in the marketplace, relatively little is known about how deal recipients evaluate them. The authors investigate the role of aExpand
National Family Health Survey (NFHS-2) 1998-99. India.
This document presents survey findings of the second National Family Health Survey (NFHS-2) in India. The NFHS-2 conducted during 1998-99 provides information on fertility mortality family planningExpand
Traditional Industry in the Economy of Colonial India
The majority of workers in South Asia are employed in industries that rely on manual labour and craft skills. Some of these industries have existed for centuries and survived great changes inExpand