Tirtha K. Das

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The complexity of cancer has led to recent interest in polypharmacological approaches for developing kinase-inhibitor drugs; however, optimal kinase-inhibition profiles remain difficult to predict. Using a Ret-kinase-driven Drosophila model of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 and kinome-wide drug profiling, here we identify that AD57 rescues oncogenic(More)
BACKGROUND Selective spatial regulation of gene expression lies at the core of pattern formation in the embryo. In the fruit fly Drosophila, localized transcriptional regulation accounts for much of the embryonic pattern. RESULTS We identified a gene, partner of paired (ppa), whose properties suggest that localized receptors for protein degradation are(More)
A novel serine protease inhibitor (AmPI) was purified from larval hemolymph of tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta by two-step process of trypsin-affinity and gel-filtration (FPLC) chromatography. AmPI was active against larval midgut and commercial bovine trypsin and chymotrypsin. The extent of purification was determined by SDS and Native PAGE. The protease(More)
Drosophila partner of paired ( ppa), which encodes an F-box protein that targets the Pax transcription factor Paired (Prd) for degradation, has the striking property that its mRNA is expressed in a striped pattern with a characteristic registration relative to the striped expression of prd in early embryos. Localized expression of F-box genes was not(More)
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