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This paper presents four novel interconnect based capacitors with 2 to 3 times the capacitance density of a conventional metal sandwich capacitor and with self-resonant frequencies above 20 GHz, suitable for low power RF applications. Unlike the conventional capacitor, the capacitance density of these structures increases with the scaling of the technology.(More)
strapping technique is presented that relaxes the restriction due to hot carrier degradation in power amplifiers and alleviates the need to use thick-oxide transistors that have poor RF performance compared with the standard transistors available in the same process. The power amplifier shows no performance degradation after ten days of continuous operation(More)
A fully integrated 60GHz CMOS PA with a PSAT of 22.6dBm is presented. To our knowledge, this is the highest reported PSAT at mm-waves in standard CMOS. To achieve a high power level, 32 differential PAs are combined through a network of transmission lines, Wilkinson combiners, and a multi-port argyle transformer. This method of combining minimizes loss(More)
This paper for the first time presents a monolithic Si PCS-CDMA power amplifier (PA) capable of delivering 28.2 dBm output power with 30% power-added efficiency (PAE) and -45 dBc adjacent-channel-power ratio (ACPR) at 1.9 GHz and 3.6 V supply voltage. The PA implemented in a 30 GHz BiCMOS process incorporates a novel impedance-controllable biasing scheme to(More)
An EDGE transmitter using a nonlinear GSM type PA is presented. It is based on a polar loop architecture that employs separate feedback control of the amplitude and the phase of the output signal. With this approach, the problems with AM-to-PM as well as AM-to-AM of the nonlinear PA are essentially eliminated. There is no mode change between GMSK and EDGE,(More)