Tiravat Assavapokee

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In this paper, we describe a dynamic network optimization-based solution framework that effectively integrates the management of complex information with traffic strategies and logistics support. This framework is composed of a transportation management function, a logistics support and capacity refinement function, and a validation function. The(More)
Supply chain management in the petroleum industry contains various challenges, specifically in the logistics area, that are not present in most other industries. These logistical challenges are a major influence on the cost of oil and its derivatives. However, opportunities for cost savings in logistics still do exist. Giant oil and petrochemical companies(More)
We present a capacity constrained network flow optimization approach for finding evacuation paths, flows and schedules so as to maximize the total evacuees for short notice evacuation planning (SNEP). Due to dynamic nature of this optimization problem, we first construct a time-expanded network that expands the static network over the planning horizon for(More)
This paper presents a three-stage optimization algorithm for solving two-stage robust decision making problems under uncertainty with min-max regret objective. The structure of the first stage problem is a general mixed integer (binary) linear programming model with a specific model of uncertainty that can occur in any of the parameters, and the second(More)
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