Tiranun Srikanchai

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This study examined the effects of 4 genotypes of chicken, all suitable for extensive fattening, on carcass and meat quality using 320 chickens divided into 4 equally sized groups. The comparison included 2 indigenous chicken strains from Thailand, Black-boned and Thai native (Thai), and 2 imported chicken breeds, Bresse and Rhode Island Red (Rhode, a layer(More)
Leakage of water and ions and soluble proteins from muscle cells occurs during prolonged exercise due to ischemia causing muscle damage. Also post mortem anoxia during conversion of muscle to meat is marked by loss of water and soluble components from the muscle cell. There is considerable variation in the water holding capacity of meat affecting economy of(More)
The beta-2 adrenergic receptor (AR) mediates metabolic actions of catecholamines, including glycogenolysis, lipolysis and proteolysis, in muscle and adipose tissue. Factors influencing the density of beta-2 ARs thus might affect carcass composition and meat quality. One such factor might represent cis-regulatory DNA variation affecting mRNA expression of(More)
Six genes that were known to exhibit expression levels that are correlated to drip loss BVES, SLC3A2, ZDHHC5, CS, COQ9, and EGFR have been for candidate gene analysis. Based on in silico analysis SNPs were detected, confirmed by sequencing, and used for genotyping. The SNPs were genotyped in about 1,800 animals from six pig populations including commercial(More)
Zyxin (ZYX) is one of the proteins in focal adhesions along the actin fibers playing a role in actin organization and signal transduction. By radiation hybrid and genetic mapping we assigned ZYX to porcine chromosome 18 in the area of quantitative traits loci for carcass and meat quality and muscle fiber traits and hence considered ZYX a functional(More)
Four genes, VTN, KERA, LYZ, and a non-annotated EST (Affymetrix probe set ID: Ssc.25503.1.S1_at), whose candidacy for traits related to water-holding capacity of meat arises from their trait-dependent differential expression, were selected for candidate gene analysis. Based on in silico analysis SNPs were detected, confirmed by sequencing and used to(More)
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