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BACKGROUND Historically, many prospective employees in Great Britain have undergone pre-employment health screening (PEHS) assessments before a job offer. Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 stipulates that PEHS assessments before a job offer may contravene the disability provisions of the Act except under specific circumstances. PEHS assessments in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence and risk factors of mortality for all HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral treatment at public and private healthcare facilities in the Botswana National HIV/AIDS Treatment Programme. DESIGN We studied routinely collected data from 226 030 patients enrolled in the Botswana National HIV/AIDS Treatment(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the variation in all-cause attrition [mortality and loss to follow-up (LTFU)] among HIV-infected individuals in Botswana by health district during the rapid and massive scale-up of the National Treatment Program. METHODS Analysis of routinely collected longitudinal data from 226 030 patients who received ART through the Botswana(More)
INTRODUCTION Diarrhea contributed for 17.6% of under-five deaths in Botswana. Oral rehydration salt (ORS) therapy has been the cornerstone in the control of morbidity and mortality secondary to diarrheal diseases. The study was aimed at assessing the household availability of ORS following the nationwide campaign of availing ORS at household level. (More)
Epidemic modeling of a disease like diarrhea help in understanding the dynamics of the disease as well as preventing it. According to the pathogenesis, models for Shigella and Salmonella have been formulated and the basic reproduction number (R<sub>0</sub>) has been evaluated. These models have been built up into a user-friendly graphical user interface(More)
BACKGROUND Since the UN Human Rights Council's recognition on the subject in 2011, the right to access the Internet and information is now considered one of the most basic human rights of global citizens [1,2]. Despite this, an information gap between developed and resource-limited countries remains, and there is scant research on actual information needs(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the association between the number of doctors, nurses and hospital beds per 10,000 people and individual HIV-infected patient outcomes in Botswana. DESIGN Analysis of routinely collected longitudinal data from 97,627 patients who received ART through the Botswana National HIV/AIDS Treatment Program across all 24 health districts from(More)
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