Tintu Thottiyil Sukumaran

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INTRODUCTION The Supratrochlear Foramen (STF) is a variably shaped perforation present in the bony septum that separates the olecranon and coronoid fossae at the distal end of the humerus, between the two epicondyles. Its incidence varies widely from 0.3% to 58% in different races. AIM This study aims to describe its prevalence and morphometry in relation(More)
An aberrant right subclavian artery arising as the last vessel of the arch of aorta is an uncommon anatomic anomaly with prevalence reported between 0.2% and 2.0%. In 80% of the cases the aberrant right subclavian artery takes a retro-oesophageal course to the right upper limb. During routine dissection of cadavers for teaching undergraduate medical(More)
The superior laryngeal artery is the principal artery supplying the laryngeal mucosa, musculature, and glands. Knowledge of variations in the origin of superior laryngeal artery could prove to be very useful during reconstructive surgeries of the larynx, partial laryngectomy, laryngeal transplantation, and also during procedures like super-selective(More)
INTRODUCTION Palmaris longus (PL) is one of the most variable muscles in our body and is vestigial functionally. Its long tendon and its superficial location make it an ideal source for tendon harvesting. Variations such as absence, duplication and reversal have far reaching clinical impact. The aim of this study is to estimate the presence, variants and(More)
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