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We previously identified Legionella pneumophila PlaB as the major cell-associated phospholipase A/lysophospholipase A with contact-dependent hemolytic activity. In this study, we further characterized this protein and found it to be involved in the virulence of L. pneumophila. PlaB was mainly expressed and active during exponential growth. Active PlaB was(More)
OSA (obstructive sleep apnoea) stimulates sympathetic nervous activity and elevates resting HR (heart rate) and BP (blood pressure). In the present study in a cohort of 309 untreated OSA patients, the resting HR and BP during the daytime were correlated with AHI (apnoea/hypopnea index) and compared with patients with R389R (n = 162), R389G (n = 125) and(More)
In Legionella pneumophila, the regulation of the flagellum and the expression of virulence traits are linked. FleQ, RpoN and FliA are the major regulators of the flagellar regulon. We demonstrated here that all three regulatory proteins mentioned (FleQ, RpoN and FliA) are necessary for full in vivo fitness of L. pneumophila strains Corby and Paris. In this(More)
Given a rational family of planar rational curves in a certain region of interest, we are interested in computing an implicit representation of the envelope. The points of the envelope correspond to the zero set of a function (which represents the envelope condition) in the parameter space combining the curve parameter and the motion parameter. We analyze(More)
Legionella oakridgensis is able to cause Legionnaires' disease, but is less virulent compared to L. pneumophila strains and very rarely associated with human disease. L. oakridgensis is the only species of the family legionellae which is able to grow on media without additional cysteine. In contrast to earlier publications, we found that L. oakridgensis is(More)
Ringed surfaces and canal surfaces are surfaces that contain a one-parameter family of circles. Ringed surfaces can be described by a radius function, a directrix curve and vector field along the directrix curve, which specifies the normals of the planes that contain the circles. In particular, the class of ringed surfaces includes canal surfaces, which can(More)
Francisella isolates from patients suffering from tularemia in Germany are generally strains of the species F. tularensis subsp. holarctica. To our knowledge, no other Francisella species are known for Germany. Recently, a new Francisella species could be isolated from a water reservoir of a cooling tower in Germany. We identified a Francisella sp. (isolate(More)
We present a new method for constructing G 1 blending surfaces between an arbitrary number of canal surfaces. The topological relation of the canal surfaces is specified via a convex polyhedron and the design technique is based on a generalization of the medial surface transform. The resulting blend surface consists of trimmed envelopes of one-and(More)