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Visualizations are mainly used for providing easy access to complex information and data. Within this paper we focus on how visualization itself can serve as a collaborative aspect within distributed and asynchronous team work. In doing so, we try to uncover challenges to support a team of researchers in understanding and analyzing mobile data by(More)
  • T Hilbert
  • 1996
Use and effectiveness of X-ray cards were investigated in a sample of 640 clients who had come for X-ray screening to the Public Health office in Bremen between April 1993 and September 1994 (n = 640). Only 8% of 541 possible clients with former X-ray examinations had their card completely filled in. A survey among 53 institutions which are expected to(More)
Between December 2000 and February 2001 a survey among public health offices was conducted on the practice of expert reports on recipients of income support. More than 50 % (232) of the German public health offices participated; they carried out 164.000 of these reports in 1999. The analysis of the data shows considerable differences between the states(More)
Hospitals and health systems that own primary care physician networks want to optimize revenues when possible while still providing high-quality patient care. One way to accomplish this objective is to enhance the service mix for patients seen by the primary care practices. An analysis of the diagnosis and service mix of three primary care networks showed(More)
Tube feeding has become a common procedure among patients of nursing homes. Reliable data about prevalence in nursing homes, medical and nutritional indications are not available on local or national level. The Public Health Office in Bremen conducted a questionnaire based survey of all nursing homes in August 2003 in which 56 of 62 institutions(More)
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