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Distributed mechatronic systems integrate sensors, processing units, communication networks, and actuators. In order to achieve a rapid development process and an improved maintainability it is necessary to combine and replace such modular components in a flexible way. For seamless composabil-ity we developed communication middleware and a programming(More)
The idea of “smart sensing” includes a permanent monitoring and evaluation of sensor data related to possible measurement faults. This concept requires a fault detection chain covering all relevant fault types of a specific sensor. Additionally, the fault detection components have to provide a high precision in order to generate a reliable(More)
Distributed applications dealing with data from networked sensors need some indication about the quality of remote information. This paper describes how to derive a dynamic validity value that represents a measure for the confidence in remote sensor data. In contrast to conventional systems which treats a typical processing chain as a whole, this paper(More)
Modern sensor-actuator applications combine a large number of components (sensing devices, processing nodes, networks) and implementing complex interactions between them. Due to failures and other sensor inherent insufficiencies the intended control function is adversely affected. This cannot be tolerated in safety critical applications. In some cases(More)
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