Tingzhe Zhou

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The Paciic Software Research Center is developing a new method to support reuse and introduce reliability into software. The method is based on design capture in domain speciic design languages and automatic program generation using a reusable suite of program transformation tools. The transformation tools, and a domain speciic component generator(More)
Concurrent data structures are a fundamental building block for scalable multi-threaded programs. While Transactional Memory (TM) was originally conceived as a mechanism for simplifying the creation of concurrent data structures, modern hardware TM systems lack the progress properties needed to completely obviate traditional techniques for designing(More)
Content security policy (CSP) which has been standardized by W3C and adopted by all major commercial browsers-is one of the most promising approaches for defending against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Although client-side adoption of CSP is successful, server-side adoption is far behind the client side: according to a large-scale survey, less than(More)
In this paper, we present the current state of a variety of software tools that we are making available to the broad research community. Our intent is to ensure that researchers in Transactional Memory (TM) and related fields have a common baseline that is both easy to use and appropriate for implementing new algorithms and testing hypotheses. The most(More)
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