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Cloud Manufacturing can provide mass manufacturing resources and capabilities as services via the Internet. Undoubtedly, multiple manufacturing clouds (MCs) will have extremely abundant services in terms of function, price, etc. The ability to leverage ample services hosted in MCs has direct relation to the success or failure of a manufacturer. Meanwhile,(More)
Customized/personalized products are gaining more shares in today’s product market. Such products need collective efforts from consumers, manufacturers and third parties. This requirement has not been well addressed due to both market and technology factors. On the other hand, the Internet of Things (IoT) provides real-time sensing/actuating ability and(More)
Passive RFID tag typically consists of an inert carrier substrate, an antenna and a semiconductor chip. Qualification process of the passive RFID tags includes temperature cycling in high humidity conditions and damp heat storage tests. In order to pass qualification tests, a passive RFID tags needs to respond to queries by a tag reader. There was an(More)