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It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the flow mechanisms within drip irrigation emitters to design emitters that have a high anti-clogging performance. The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to research the flow characteristics is appropriate because the labyrinth flow path is narrow and its boundary is complex. In this paper, a(More)
Keeping water eco-environment health and virtuous circle of lake-wetland, and letting lakes recuperate and reproduce has become a common view all over the world. Although a great deal of research results were obtained, such as lake-wetland ecosystem management and eco-hydrological mechanism of eco-environment evolution, there are few researches about(More)
By analysis on service production theories and characteristics of high education system in China, this paper expands the intensity of application of service production theories in higher education systems and provides a feasible substitution-elasticity-based input-output model for evaluating service performance of high education system and efficiently and(More)
Low volume automotive plants, challenged in their search for leanness in producing quality throughput are pressured for more efficiency in reducing waste and more effective in achieving higher asset turnover. In essence these categories of plants need to deal with JIT philosophy by being insightful during implementation. From a practitioner perspective,(More)
This paper rationalized that an efficient air control management of cluster flights would attract new opportunities to extend its traditional revenue with new age technologies such as mobile corporate electronic business. The contention remained that its core business as a transport hub was still the key driver for supporting services. Maintaining air(More)
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