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Noninvasive brain stimulation has shown considerable promise for enhancing cognitive functions by the long-term manipulation of neuroplasticity. However, the observation of such improvements has been focused at the behavioral level, and enhancements largely restricted to the performance of basic tasks. Here, we investigate whether transcranial random noise(More)
BACKGROUND Fluorofenidone (AKF-PD) is a novel pyridone agent. The purpose of this study is to investigate the inhibitory effects of AKF-PD on dimethylnitrosamine (DMN)-induced liver fibrosis in rats and the involved molecular mechanism related to hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). MATERIALS AND METHODS Wistar rats were randomly divided into normal control,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate and quantify the potential dose-response association between egg consumption and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. DESIGN Dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. DATA SOURCES PubMed and Embase prior to June 2012 and references of relevant original papers and review articles. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR(More)
Calcium carbonate represents a large portion of carbon reservoir and is used commercially for a variety of applications. Microbial carbonate precipitation, a by-product of microbial activities, plays an important metal coprecipitation and cementation role in natural systems. This natural process occurring in various geological settings can be mimicked and(More)
Starch is one of the major components of cereals, tubers, and fruits. Genes encoding granule-bound starch synthase (GBSS), which is responsible for amylose synthesis, have been extensively studied in cereals but little is known about them in fruits. Due to their low copy gene number, GBSS genes have been used to study plant phylogenetic and evolutionary(More)
The PhysioNet/CinC 2013 Challenge aimed to stimulate rapid development and improvement of software for estimating fetal heart rate (FHR), fetal interbeat intervals (FRR), and fetal QT intervals (FQT), from multichannel recordings made using electrodes placed on the mother's abdomen. For the challenge, jive data collections from a variety of sources were(More)
UHRF1 is an important epigenetic regulator connecting DNA methylation and histone methylations. UHRF1 is required for maintenance of DNA methylation through recruiting DNMT1 to DNA replication forks. Recent studies have shown that the plant homeodomain (PHD) of UHRF1 recognizes the N terminus of unmodified histone H3, and the interaction is inhibited by(More)
Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA) and 2-hydroxylethyl methacrylate (HEMA) are known to deplete glutathione in mammalian cells, generate reactive oxygen species (ROS), and cause oxidative stress. In this study, we investigated whether hydroxyl radicals (·OH), the most lethal and genotoxic ROS, and the Fenton reaction are involved in the cytotoxicity(More)
Mutations often accompany DNA replication. Since there may be fewer cell cycles per year in the germlines of long-lived than short-lived angiosperms, the genomes of long-lived angiosperms may be diverging more slowly than those of short-lived angiosperms. Here we test this hypothesis. We first constructed a genetic map for walnut, a woody perennial. All(More)
NAC (NAM/ATAF/CUC) proteins are one of the largest groups of transcription factors in plants. Although many NAC proteins based on Arabidopsis and rice genomes have been reported in a number of species, a complete survey and classification of all NAC genes in plant species from disparate evolutionary groups is lacking. In this study, we analyzed whole-genome(More)