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Noninvasive brain stimulation has shown considerable promise for enhancing cognitive functions by the long-term manipulation of neuroplasticity. However, the observation of such improvements has been focused at the behavioral level, and enhancements largely restricted to the performance of basic tasks. Here, we investigate whether transcranial random noise(More)
This paper presents a novel motion vector (MV) steganalysis method. MV-based steganographic methods exploite the variability of MV to embed messages by modifying MV slightly. However, we have noticed that the modified MVs after steganography cannot follow the optimal matching rule which is the target of motion estimation. It means that steganographic(More)
Respiratory rate (RR) is a key vital sign that is monitored to assess the health of patients. With the increase of the availability of wearable devices, it is important that RR is extracted in a robust and noninvasive manner from the photoplethysmogram (PPG) acquired from pulse oximeters and similar devices. However, existing methods of noninvasive RR(More)
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