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d) mice were from Taconic. Batf −/− mice on 129S6/SvEv, C57BL/6, and BALB/c background were used. Batf −/− mice on a 129S6/SvEv background were previously generated 2. Batf −/− mice were backcrossed five generation to the C57BL/6 background and eight generation to the BALB/c background. Aicda −/− mice were obtained from T. Honjo had reviewed and approved(More)
The increasing use of nanotechnology in consumer products and medical applications underlies the importance of understanding its potential toxic effects to people and the environment. Although both fullerene and carbon nanotubes have been demonstrated to accumulate to cytotoxic levels within organs of various animal models and cell types and carbon(More)
In this paper we present a novel idea regarding transmission of next generation IPTV content. Today IPTV systems utilize a GOP structure to provide stream synchronization points for the clients, these are used when a channel switch occur. Since channel switches made by TV audiences are quite rare it is redundant to send synchronization opportunities in a(More)
Scheduling algorithms play an important role for TDMA-based wireless sensor networks. Existing TDMA scheduling algorithms address a multitude of objectives. However, their adaptation to the dynamics of a realistic wireless sensor network has not been investigated in a satisfactory manner. This is a key issue considering the challenges within industrial(More)
Doubly stochastic Poisson processes, also known as the Cox processes, frequently occur in various scientific fields. In this article, motivated primarily by analyzing Cox process data in biophysics, we propose a nonparametric kernel-based inference method. We conduct a detailed study, including an asymptotic analysis, of the proposed method, and provide(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are gaining popularity as a flexible and economical alternative to field-bus installations for monitoring and control applications. For mission-critical applications, communication networks must provide end-to-end reliability guarantees, posing substantial challenges for WSN. Reliability can be improved by redundancy, and is(More)
In this article, a stepwise procedure, correlation pursuit (COP), is developed for variable selection under the sufficient dimension reduction framework, in which the response variable Y is influenced by the predictors X(1), X(2), …, X(p) through an unknown function of a few linear combinations of them. Unlike linear stepwise regression, COP does not impose(More)
We analyze the performance outcomes of National Hockey League (NHL) players over 18 seasons (1990-1991 to 2007-2008) as a function of the demographic conditions into which they were born. We have three main findings. First, larger birth cohorts substantially affect careers. A player born into a large birth cohort can expect an earnings loss of roughly 18(More)
In this paper, we will use a method of analytical calculation to identify a class weakly nonlinear dynamic system. Based on Volterra theory, the aim is to identify its first-order and second-order Volterra kernels. A model of such kind of nonlinear systems described by Riccati equation will be used to illustrate this method below.