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The family of antimicrobial peptide, cathelicidins, which plays important roles against infections in animals, has been identified from many species. Here, we identified a novel avian cathelicidin ortholog from ducks and named dCATH. The cDNA sequence of dCATH encodes a predicted 146-amino-acid polypeptide composed of a 17-residue signal peptide, a(More)
Antimicrobial peptides have attracted considerable attention because of their broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and their low prognostic to induce antibiotic resistance which is the most common source of failure in bacterial infection treatment along with biofilms. The method to design hybrid peptide integrating different functional domains of peptides(More)
To generate effective antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) with good antimicrobial activities and cell selectivity, many synthetic strategies have been implemented to facilitate the development of AMPs. However, these synthetic strategies represent only a small proportion of the methods used for the development of AMPs and are not optimal with the requirements(More)
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