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Breast masses due to benign disease and malignant tumors related to breast cancer differ in terms of shape, edge-sharpness, and texture characteristics. In this study, we evaluate a set of 22 features including 5 shape factors, 3 edge-sharpness measures, and 14 texture features computed from 111 regions in mammograms, with 46 regions related to malignant(More)
Route planning for fully electric vehicles (FEVs) must take energy efficiency into account due to limited battery capacity and time-consuming recharging. In addition, the planning algorithm should allow for negative energy costs in the road network due to regenerative braking, which is a unique feature of FEVs. In this paper, we propose a framework for(More)
Unsupervised Cross-domain Sentiment Classification is the task of adapting a sentiment classifier trained on a particular domain (<italic>source domain</italic>), to a different domain (<italic>target domain</italic>), without requiring any labeled data for the target domain. By adapting an existing sentiment classifier to previously unseen target domains,(More)
Entity sense disambiguation becomes difficult with few or even zero training instances available, which is known as imbalanced learning problem in machine learning. To overcome the problem, we create a new set of reliable training instances from dictionary, called dictionarybased prototypes. A hierarchical classification system with a tree-like structure is(More)
This work is related to the combinatorial data analysis problem of seriation used for data visualization and exploratory analysis. Seriation re-sequences the data, so that more similar samples or objects appear closer together, whereas dissimilar ones are further apart. Despite the large number of current algorithms to realize such re-sequencing, there has(More)
Plantar lesions induced by biomechanical dysfunction pose a considerable socioeconomic health care challenge, and failure to detect lesions early can have significant effects on patient prognoses. Most of the previous works on plantar lesion identification employed the analysis of biomechanical microenvironment variables like pressure and thermal fields.(More)
We propose methods to perform a certain nonlinear transformation of features based on a kernel matrix, before the classification step, aiming to improve the discriminating power of the comparatively weak edge-sharpness and texture features of breast masses in mammograms, and seek better incorporation of features representing different radiological(More)
Clinical trials are mandatory protocols describing medical research on humans and among the most valuable sources of medical practice evidence. Searching for trials relevant to some query is laborious due to the immense number of existing protocols. Apart from search, writing new trials includes composing detailed eligibility criteria, which might be(More)
Externally detected vibroarthrographic (VAG) signals contain information that can be used to characterize certain pathological aspects of the knee joint. To classify VAG signals as normal or abnormal, we propose to apply both the linear and nonlinear strict 2-surface proximal (S2SP) classifiers based on statistical parameters derived from VAG signals and(More)