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AIM To assess the reliability and validity of the translated version of Nepean Dyspepsia Index (NDI) in Chinese patients with documented functional dyspepsia (FD). METHODS The translation process included forward translation, back translation, pretest and cross-cultural adaptation. Reliability and validity of the translated version were examined by asking(More)
Congenital and progressive hearing impairment is a common distressing disease. The progressive dominant hearing loss DFNA28 in human is associated with a frameshift mutation of Grainyhead-like 2 (GRHL2) but its etiology and mechanism remain unknown. Here we report a zebrafish grhl2b(T086) mutant line in which grhl2b expression is interrupted by an insertion(More)
Little is known about how patterns of DNA methylation change during mammalian spermatogenesis. 5 hmC has been recognized as a stable intermediate of DNA demethylation with potential regulatory functions in the mammalian genome. However, its global pattern in germ cells has yet to be addressed. Here, we first conducted absolute quantification of 5 hmC in(More)
OBJECTIVES Acupuncture is a commonly used therapy for treating functional dyspepsia (FD), although the mechanism remains unclear. The objectives of this study were to investigate the differences in cerebral glycometabolism changes evoked by acupuncture and sham acupuncture and to explore the possible correlations between brain responses and clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Lysosome-associated protein transmembrane 4 beta (LAPTM4B) has two alleles named LAPTM4B*1 and LAPTM4B*2. Allele *1 contains only one copy of a 19-bp sequence at the 5'UTR in the first exon, whereas this sequence of allele*2 is duplicated and arrayed as a tandem repeat. Previous studies revealed that LAPTM4B polymorphisms contribute to the risk(More)
Mesoporous multiwalled carbon nanotubes/titanium dioxide (CNTs/TiO(2)) nanocomposites with low loading amounts (0-0.5 wt%) of CNTs embedded inside mesoporous TiO(2) aggregates has been prepared by a simple one-pot hydrothermal method using titanium sulfate as titanium source. The as-prepared CNTs/TiO(2) samples are carefully characterized, analyzed and(More)
AIM To assess the correlation between mammographic features and clinicopathologic characteristics of invasive breast carcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS The mammographic appearance and clinicopathological data of 108 invasive ductal carcinomas were retrospective analyzed. The mammographic features were assessed according to BI-RADS by two doctors. Estrogen(More)
a Chengdu Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu 610041, PR China b School of Economics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, PR China c School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0345, USA d College of Computer Science & Technology, Huaqiao University, Xiamen, 361021, PR China e School(More)
Accumulating evidence has indicated that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in miRNA precursors may have an effect on miRNA expression levels. Recently, an important A to G transition SNP in pre-mir-27a (rs895819) was identified. Previous studies have investigated the role of rs895819 in cancer risk, but the results remain contradictory, rather than(More)
Metadherin (MTDH, also known as AEG-1, and Lyric) has been demonstrated to play a potential role in several significant aspects of tumor progression. It has been reported that overexpression of MTDH is associated with progression of disease and poorer prognosis in breast cancer. However, there are no studies to date assessing variants of the MTDH gene and(More)