Tingting Lang

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We demonstrate an arrayed waveguide grating based on silicon nanowires with birefringence compensation for optical interconnects using coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM). Angled star couplers are employed in combination with different diffraction orders for TM and TE polarizations. This device has a compact footprint of 0.36  mm×0.17  mm.(More)
A compact arrayed waveguide grating triplexer based on small SU-8 strip waveguides is designed by using cross-order method. The AWG triplexer has a very compact size of as small as 1.3 × 0.402 mm2 since the high index contrast between SU-8 core layer and SiO2 and air cladding, and can be easily fabricated by using direct ultraviolet photolithography(More)
Ultracompact reflective arrayed waveguide gratings (RAWGs) employing a half horseshoe-shaped waveguide layout and distributed Bragg reflector mirrors in the array region are designed and fabricated. Two sets of RAWGs with 400 and 200 GHz channel spacing are experimentally demonstrated for TE and TM polarizations, respectively. Because of the high-index(More)
In this paper, we designed an optical fiber biosensor for rapid detection of HIgG, which is simple, cost-effective and can be easily fabricated. The average detection time is about 20 minutes. A thin core optical fiber with a length of 2 cm was fused between two segments of single mode optical fibers. The outside surface of the thin core optical fiber was(More)
A new approach to birefringence compensation in arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) is proposed. The star couplers are designed according to Rowland circle construction with an oblique incident/diffraction angle, similar to the case of an echelle grating. Such an AWG design is more general and flexible, and the conventional AWG becomes its special case when(More)
A Rugate notch filter is fabricated by atomic layer deposition. By regulating the thickness ratio of TiO2 and Al2O3 in a nanoscale layer, the refractive index is tailored between the refractive indices of the two materials. With the method of equivalent refractive index, the continuously variable refractive index of the designed Rugate filter is dispersed(More)
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