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Community question answering (cQA) has become an important issue due to the popularity of cQA archives on the web. This paper is concerned with the problem of question retrieval. Question retrieval in cQA archives aims to find the existing questions that are semantically equivalent or relevant to the queried questions. However, the lexical gap problem(More)
Sentiment classification aims to automatically predict sentiment polarity (e.g., positive or negative) of user generated sentiment data (e.g., reviews, blogs). Due to the mismatch among different domains, a sentiment classifier trained in one domain may not work well when directly applied to other domains. Thus, domain adaptation for sentiment(More)
Noise-exposure at levels low enough to avoid a permanent threshold shift has been found to cause a massive, delayed degeneration of spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) in mouse cochleae. Damage to the afferent innervation was initiated by a loss of synaptic ribbons, which is largely irreversible in mice. A similar delayed loss of SGNs has been found in guinea(More)
Noise exposure at low levels or low doses can damage hair cell afferent ribbon synapses without causing permanent threshold shifts. In contrast to reports in the mouse cochleae, initial damage to ribbon synapses in the cochleae of guinea pigs is largely repairable. In the present study, we further investigated the repair process in ribbon synapses in guinea(More)
In this paper, we propose a new probabilistic generative model, called Topic-Perspective Model, for simulating the generation process of social annotations. Different from other generative models, in our model, the tag generation process is separated from the content term generation process. While content terms are only generated from resource topics,(More)
This paper presents the concept of an optical transmitter based on optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) capable of synthesizing Tb/s optical signals of arbitrary modulation format. Experimental and theoretical demonstrations in this paper include generation of data packet waveforms focusing on (a) achieving high spectral efficiencies in quadrature(More)