Tingqi Ren

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We have studied the effect of random long-range connections in chaotic thermosensitive neuron networks with each neuron being capable of exhibiting diverse bursting behaviors, and found stochastic synchronization and optimal spatiotemporal patterns. For a given coupling strength, the chaotic burst-firings of the neurons become more and more synchronized as(More)
Design and synthesis of fluorescent nucleobase analogues for studying structures and dynamics of nucleic acids have attracted much attention in recent years. In the present work, a comprehensive theoretical study of electronic transitions of naphtho-homologated base analogues, namely, xxC, xxT, xxA, and xxG, was performed. The nature of the low-lying(More)
Fluorescent nucleobase analogs have attracted much attention in recent years due to their potential applications in nucleic acids research. In this work, four new size-expanded RNA base analogs were computationally designed and their structural, electronic, and optical properties are investigated by means of DFT calculations. The results indicate that these(More)
The reaction of acrylonitrile with the C(001)-2 x 1 surface has been investigated by employing density functional cluster model calculations. The calculations revealed eight possible reaction pathways for acrylonitrile with the surface dimer. Full geometry optimized structures were obtained for all adducts, including intra- and interdimer reaction products.(More)
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