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Microstructure and mechanical properties of multi-component AlCrFeNiMox high-entropy alloys
Abstract The AlCrFeNiMox (x = 0, 0.2, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0) high entropy alloys were produced by vacuum arc melting, and their microstructure and mechanical properties were investigated. AlCrFeNi,
Research on the hot deformation behavior and graphite morphology of spheroidal graphite cast iron at high strain rate
Abstract The hot deformation behavior of spheroidal graphite cast iron (SGCI) was investigated quantitatively from 600 °C to 950 °C at high strain rate of 10 s −1 by compression tests on a
A Promising New Class of High-Temperature Alloys: Eutectic High-Entropy Alloys
A novel strategy to design HEAs using the eutectic alloy concept, i.e. to achieve a microstructure composed of alternating soft fcc and hard bcc phases is proposed, which can be readily adapted to large-scale industrial production of HEAs with simultaneous high fracture strength and high ductility.
Directly cast bulk eutectic and near-eutectic high entropy alloys with balanced strength and ductility in a wide temperature range
High entropy alloys (HEAs) usually possess weak liquidity and castability, and considerable compositional inhomogeneity, mainly because they contain multiple elements with high concentrations. As a
Effect of vanadium addition on the microstructure and properties of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy
Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of vanadium addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AlCoCrFeNiV x ( x values in molar ratio, x  = 0, 0.2, 0.5,
A multi-component AlCrFe2Ni2 alloy with excellent mechanical properties
Abstract A cost effective Co-free AlCrFe2Ni2 high entropy alloy was designed and prepared based on reported AlCoCrFeNi2.1 eutectic high entropy alloys. The as-cast AlCrFe2Ni2 alloy showed a tensile
First-principles studies of Al–Ni intermetallic compounds
Abstract The structural properties, heats of formation, elastic properties, and electronic structures of Al–Ni intermetallic compounds are analyzed here in detail by using density functional theory.
Removal of boron from metallurgical grade silicon by electromagnetic induction slag melting
Abstract A new purification process was developed to remove impurities in metallurgical grade silicon (MG-Si) by electromagnetic induction slag melting (EISM). Vacuum melting furnace was used to
Effect of Niobium on Microstructure and Properties of the CoCrFeNbxNi High Entropy Alloys
A series of CoCrFeNb x Ni ( x values in molar ratio, x  = 0, 0.25, 0.45, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.2) high entropy alloys (HEAs) was prepared to investigate the alloying effect of Nb on the
A new strategy to design eutectic high-entropy alloys using mixing enthalpy
Although eutectic high entropy alloys (EHEAs) display homogeneously fine microstructure, excellent castability and promising industrial application potential, how to design eutectic compositions in