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Radio spectrum is a valuable and scarce natural resource and the introduction of spectrum trading can optimize the use and improve the efficiency of this scarce resource. This paper gives a brief analysis of incentives to spectrum trading from both macro and micro perspectives, in which it focuses on the relationship between initial spectrum assignment(More)
Traditional collaborative filtering algorithm is a weighted average prediction algorithm based on nearest neighbors' ratings. Besides similarity between users, trust and credit are also parameters to affect recommendation. This paper proposes a computational model of credit factor and then a collaborative filtering algorithm based on it. This model is based(More)
3G has already been put into business, but the killer application of M-commerce has not been found out. The root cause is because the value transfer system of M-commerce has not been thoroughly researched or analyzed. Through a series of empirical study, this paper points out that the value loop in E-commerce is right the key problem of killer application(More)
Social commerce based on relations is developing rapidly in recent years and the personalized recommender systems make the contribution. Based on the traditional collaborative filtering (CF) algorithm, this study proposes a social recommender systems that combing preference similarity, reputation-based trust and social relations between users. Using the(More)
In this paper, a kind of modified adaptive group recommender based on overlapping community detection (GROCD) is proposed. Different from existing recommenders, GROCD takes both of group members' preferences and their complex internal interactions into account. In this research, both of overlapping community integration strategy and contribution-based(More)
The networks literature suggests a network's value increases in the number of locations it serves (the ldquonetwork effectrdquo) and the number of its users (the ldquoproduction scale effectrdquo). In this article we discuss one of the technology innovation in optical industry- photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology. We show that, in one hand,(More)
Now, the telecom service providers are faced with significant challenges as the traditional separated network and service become converged. Customers move to care more about the quality of service, such as the provision time, fault disposal, bill management, and security issues, other than networks. The carriers must integrate their core legacy mainframe(More)