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Radio spectrum is a valuable and scarce natural resource and the introduction of spectrum trading can optimize the use and improve the efficiency of this scarce resource. This paper gives a brief analysis of incentives to spectrum trading from both macro and micro perspectives, in which it focuses on the relationship between initial spectrum assignment(More)
The rapid development of mobile commerce (m-commerce) has profound influence on logistics industry. Firstly, through analysis that combines m-commerce and the logistics industry, the paper draws a conclusion that main m-commerce applications in logistics industry include cargo tracking, mobile inventory management, vehicle positioning and M2M (machine to(More)
Traditional collaborative filtering algorithm is a weighted average prediction algorithm based on nearest neighbors' ratings. Besides similarity between users, trust and credit are also parameters to affect recommendation. This paper proposes a computational model of credit factor and then a collaborative filtering algorithm based on it. This model is based(More)
With the development of network technology and the increasing popularity of the network, the Internet Word-of-Mouth is gradually replacing its traditional counterpart. People increasingly prefer to collect product information using the network exchange in order to make consumption decisions. Involvement theory plays an important role in the theory of(More)
This paper makes a discussion on supply chain finance from the angle of commercial banking business service in E-commerce environment. First of all, supply chain is briefly introduced, E-commerce is introduced too, and then impact of E-commerce on supply chain management, supply chain finance and its solution are emphatically discussed based on(More)
Mobile commerce (MC) refers to e-commerce activities carried out using a mobile device such as a phone or PDA. With new technology, MC will be rapidly growing in the near future. At the present time, what factors making consumer accept MC and what MC applications are acceptable by consumers are two of hot issues both for MC providers and f or MC(More)
Along with the continuous development of wireless communication technology and popularization of multi-mode terminal, the seamless fusion of various heterogeneous wireless networks has gradually become the trend of network development. The diversified forms of network access enable the multi-mode terminal to dynamically select the access network with the(More)
In SNS, users with different privacy concern levels exhibit different private information posting behavior. To investigate and contrast the effects of personal and interpersonal influence on private information diffusion for different levels of privacy concern of users, we establish a survival analysis model and examine influence factors, including(More)