Tingjie Lv

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The rapid development of mobile commerce (m-commerce) has profound influence on logistics industry. Firstly, through analysis that combines m-commerce and the logistics industry, the paper draws a conclusion that main m-commerce applications in logistics industry include cargo tracking, mobile inventory management, vehicle positioning and M2M (machine to(More)
Mobile commerce (MC) refers to e-commerce activities carried out using a mobile device such as a phone or PDA. With new technology, MC will be rapidly growing in the near future. At the present time, what factors making consumer accept MC and what MC applications are acceptable by consumers are two of hot issues both for MC providers and f or MC(More)
Now, the telecom service providers are faced with significant challenges as the traditional separated network and service become converged. Customers move to care more about the quality of service, such as the provision time, fault disposal, bill management, and security issues, other than networks. The carriers must integrate their core legacy mainframe(More)
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