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An import area in machine learning is multivariate time series classification. In this paper we present a novel algorithm which extracts some meaningful patterns from time series data and then uses traditional machine learning algorithm to create classifier. During the stage of pattern extraction, the Gird function is used to evaluate the patterns and the(More)
Supply chain is defined as a system of suppliers, producers, distributors, retailers and customers where material, financial and information flows connect participants in the directions. Most supply chains are composed of independent agents with individual preferences. It is expected that no single agent has the power to optimize the supply chain. Supply(More)
Some studies have shown that the attitude and intention of using mobile LBS is strongly influenced by the privacy factor. Since LBS bears prominent privacy attribute, our study selects the aggregation form based on Microblog content in the LBS of SinaMicroblog, namely, LBS Microblog, asthe object of study, acquires an actual Microblog user data sample of(More)
The auction mechanism of spectrum has become a key point in China with the issuance of 3G licenses and the coming of 4G. The uniform-price synchronization auctions which aim to reduce the risk of “winner's curse” is proposed in this paper. Though the signal correlation model of bidders, this paper discuss the seller's profit equilibrium when(More)
The auction mechanism of spectrum becomes the focus in China with the issuance of 3G license. The uniform-price auctions which aim to reduce the risk of "winner's curse" and the protection of seller's earnings are proposed to in this paper. A model of seller's earnings and the relevant influent factors is established. The equilibrium status which can reduce(More)
SPAM (in this paper esp. refers to rubbish short message) , which affects our information and communication environment, has been paid more and more attention to by the society, the government and telecom operators. SPAM sent by individual subscribers, in particular, is the most important and difficult part in the management of SPAM, and should be realtime(More)
The opportunities offered by the Internet have already fuelled immense growth of E-commerce. In recent years, due to the rapid evolution of wireless and mobile communication technologies, mobile commerce becomes another crucial application. In china, the 3G telecommunication era is coming. As to the brilliant prospect for m-commerce, many industries expect(More)