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Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, inspired by the intelligent foraging behavior of honey bees, was proposed by Karaboga. It has been shown to be superior to some conventional intelligent algorithms such as genetic algorithm (GA), artificial colony optimization (ACO), and particle swarm optimization (PSO). However, the ABC still has some limitations.(More)
—Resource-constrained project scheduling problem is the traditional optimization problem considering constraint conditions of resource supply, which makes the problem more difficult to solve in real life. Resource-constrained project scheduling problem is a typical NP-hard problem, which is quite popular issue in recent years. This article firstly analyzes(More)
—Production cost and performance depend on the existing resource configuration and optimization, which play a fundamental role in occupying the dominant position in the aggressive market competition for the manufacturing enterprises. The existing resource configuration and optimization is implemented at workshop level of operation activity, and thus, it is(More)
Due to fierce market competition, how to improve product quality and reduce development cost determines the core competitiveness of enterprises. However, design iteration generally causes increases of product cost and delays of development time as well, so how to identify and model couplings among tasks in product design and development has become an(More)
—The supply chain facility location problem is an important foundation in the supply chain. The quality of facilities location directly influences the production and operation status of enterprise. Therefore, it is critical for enterprises to adopt scientific and effective methods for facility location problem assessment and a smooth decision. This article(More)