Ting-lei Huang

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Scheduling is a very important part of the cloud computing system. This paper introduces an optimized algorithm for task scheduling based on genetic simulated annealing algorithm in cloud computing and its implementation. Algorithm considers the QOS requirements of different type tasks, the QOS parameters are dealt with dimensionless. The algorithm(More)
Due to the limited energy of wireless sensor networks (WSN), lots of research works have been done with topology algorithm in WSN. To solve the problem of the unbalanced energy consumption and improve the life circle, this paper proposes an Improved Energy Efficient Unequal Clustering (IEEUC) algorithm based on node degree, the clusters closer to the base(More)
Cloud Computing refers to constructed data center or “super computer” by virtualization technology and provide computing and storage resources, as well as the application container environment of software running, to software developers in a manner of free or hiring. The Cloud Computing is promoted by the business rather than academic which(More)
The QR code is a kind of two dimensional barcode, and is invented by a Denso-Wave company in Japan. QR comes from the abbreviation of “Quick Response”, and it can recognize in all locations. This article describes the basic principle and algorithm of distortion and geometry revision on images when QR is recognizing. Then according to the(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMN) are receiving increasing development, which configuration multi-radio multi-channel nodes to improve channel resources utilization in the network topology architecture and achieve increaing efficient on the network throughput. The main goal of channel assignment algorithms in multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks is(More)
As the next generation of computing architecture, cloud computing provides a variety of cloud services and has been used by more and more customers. As the access to the server is increasing, centralized computing architecture will produce bottlenecks, affect the quality of cloud computing services and bring the much inconvenience to users. This paper(More)
At present, the UAV as the tactical communications relay played an important role in Battlefield Communication Support. The future development of UAV Ad Hoc network technology will provide the necessary technology to ensure the cooperative engagement of multi-UAV and its further integration into the battlefield communications network. This article begin(More)
With the stepping up of information technology in military, information is increasingly playing a key role which enhance efficiency for military command, training, battle. Connecting With the military networks among in army universities, research institutes, the size of the military information network is rapidly expanding, while the Hidden danger of(More)