Ting Zeng

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The effect of environmental temperature on neuronal spiking behaviours is investigated by numerically simulating the temperature dependence of spiking threshold of the Hodgkin-Huxley neuron subject to synaptic stimulus. We find that the spiking threshold exhibits a global minimum in a " comfortable temperature " range where spike initiation needs weakest(More)
We have developed a linearization method to investigate the subthreshold oscillatory behaviors in nonlinear autonomous systems. By considering firstly the neuronal system as an example, we show that this theoretical approach can predict quantitatively the subthreshold oscillatory activities, including the damping coefficients and the oscillatory frequencies(More)
The influence of temperature on neuronal excitability is studied by numerical simulations on the spiking threshold characteristics of bushy cells in cochlear nucleus periodically stimulated by synaptic currents. The results reveal that there is a cutoff frequency for the spiking of bushy cell in a specific temperature environment, corresponding to the(More)
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