Ting-Yun Liu

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BACKGROUND About 30-50% of Hodgkin lymphomas (HLs) harbor the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), but the impact of EBV infection on clinical outcomes has been unclear. EBV-encoded small RNAs (EBERs) are presented in all EBV-infected cells, but their functions are still less understood. RESULTS EBER1 was transfected into two HL cell lines, KMH2 and L428, and(More)
Most lymphoblastic lymphomas (LBLs) are regarded as neoplasms of immature T cells because they express cytoplasmic CD3 and frequently carry T-cell receptor (TCR) gene rearrangements. Immature natural killer (NK) and T cells, however, have a common bipotent T/NK-cell precursor in the thymus, and NK cells also express cytoplasmic CD3. Thus, some LBLs could(More)
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