Ting-Yu Zhang

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To optimize somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) procedures in mini-pigs, the present study was designed to examine the effects of donor cell types and aphidicolin (APC) treatment on in vitro development of reconstructed embryos. Oviduct epithelial cells (OEC), ear fibroblast cells (EFC) and cumulus cells (CC) derived from mini-pigs were treated with serum(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate damages to the quality of boar sperm frozen in 5 ml straws, pellet and 0.25 ml straws as well as the ultrastructural changes of frozen boar sperm in 5 ml straws. METHODS We compared 3 different freezing packages of 5 ml straws, pellet and 0.25 ml straws to determine their effects on frozen boar semen, and observed the(More)
The Spindle-view, a specialized instrument for observing spindle image, was applied to observe the meiotic spindles of vitro matured porcine oocytes at 36, 42, 44, 48h, and enucleation from porcine, comparing to the previously methods (McGrath-Solter's method and two-step-squeezing method) in the enucleated. The results showed that: (1) there was no(More)
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