Ting-Yu Huang

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Stomata play an important role in plant innate immunity by limiting pathogen entry into leaves but molecular mechanisms regulating stomatal closure upon pathogen perception are not well understood. Here we show that the Arabidopsis thaliana L-type lectin receptor kinase-V.5 (LecRK-V.5) negatively regulates stomatal immunity. Loss of LecRK-V.5 function(More)
In this paper we focus on the design methodology to propose a design that is more flexible than ASIC solution and more efficient than the processor-based solution for H.264 video decoder. We explore the memory access bandwidth requirement and different software/hardware partitions so as to propose a configurable architecture adopting a DEM (Data Exchange(More)
—A new high-port-count wavelength-selective switch (WSS) has been realized using two cross-scanning one-axis ana-log micromirror arrays in a 4 − f optical system. The number of output ports is increased from N to N 2 , where N is the maximum linear port count limited by optical diffraction. Using surface-micromachined micromirrors with hidden vertical comb(More)
—This paper reports on novel polysilicon surface-mi-cromachined one-dimensional (1-D) analog micromirror arrays fabricated using Sandia's ultraplanar multilevel MEMS technology -V (SUMMiT-V) process. Large continuous DC scan angle (23.6 optical) and low-operating voltage (6 V) have been achieved using vertical comb-drive actuators. The actuators and torsion(More)
Urodele amphibians (Ambystoma mexicanum), unique among vertebrates, can regenerate appendages and other body parts entirely and functionally through a scar-free healing process. The wound epithelium covering the amputated or damaged site forms early and is essential for initiating the subsequent regenerative steps. However, the molecular mechanism through(More)
—The RSA cryptosystem is one of the widely used public key systems. The security of it is based on the intractability of factoring a large composite integer into two component primes, which is referred to as the RSA assumption. So far, the Quadratic Sieve (QS) is the fastest and general-purpose method for factoring composite numbers having less than about(More)
Although still debated, limb regeneration in salamanders is thought to depend on the dedifferentiation of remnant tissue occurring early after amputation and generating the progenitor cells that initiate regeneration. This dedifferentiation has been demonstrated previously by showing the fragmentation of muscle fibers into mononucleated cells and by(More)